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Fiber optic cables manufacurer
Own workshop of custom connections and assemblies
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Fiber optic cables manufacurer
Own workshop of custom connections and assemblies
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Fiber optic cables manufacurer
Own workshop of custom connections and assemblies

OFP manufactures fiber optic and communications cables

We are specialists in the manufacture of custom fiber optic cables (lengths, colors, special structures, special fibers) with very short delivery times

Delivers innovative optical communications solutions that deliver increased performance, security and reliability

OFP also has its own assembly and integration workshop, allowing its customers to obtain customized products according to their technical requirements, with fast delivery time and always with optimal quality. The company has been ISO certified for more than 20 years.

OFP makes its technical knowledge available to the customer. Always in contact with technicians, installers and integrators, develops and manufactures fiber optic and copper connectivity products that meet the needs of any high-performance network infrastructure.

More than 25 years with very relevant telecommunications and industrial companies.

OFP main activity focuses on the production of fiber optic cables and telecom customized assemblies to provide a global solution.

Our custom-made solutions:
• Fiber Optic and Data cables (Lan, Ehternet).
• Connections and accessories.
• Cabinets, boxes and enclosures assembled ready to install.

Own workshop for the assembly of customized wiring, copper and fiber optics
Highest certified quality
Customization and standardized
Permanent stock
Very short delivery times
Domestic delivery and export
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Custom Manufacturing

We are manufacturers specialized in the manufacture of custom connectorized fiber optic hoses and copper cables.

Our products are designed to offer optimal performance, maximum safety and reliability. Additionally, our fiber optic hoses allow for quick and efficient installation, significantly reducing installation costs.

More than 20 years of custom productions!

In-house manufacturing line of Data communications cables and optical fibers cables

OFP system of factory-assembled cabinets

Optimal performance in quality and added value

New OFP system of factory-assembled cabinets, ready to be installed

The new OFP system of cabinets -Rack 19’’/ Etsi- of own engineering and assembled in our workshop offers maximum quality, a low level of complexity, considerable time savings and safety in assembly in the final installation.

Ready to install.
Optimal accessibility.
Easy assembly.
Possibility of various types of doors and openings.
Premium steel material with immersion primer and textured paint.
Integration of all the elements required by the client: patching, electricity, UPS, strips and panels, communication and control equipment, etc.
Delivered on site.

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