Mechanical Splice

Mechanical splicing is an accessory to align and connect 2 optical fiber. Mechanical splices hold the two optical fibers aligned for an indefinite period of time without any alteration. The splice loss is stable over time and unaffected by changes in environmental or mechanical conditions. In case of variation and increased loss splicing can be reopened and fibers realigned. The realignment includes cleaning fiber end, new cut and reintegration of it in the same or new splice.

In its intended use, once performed a mechanical splice, this can become permanent because it is environmentally and mechanically stable.


  • - The patented OFP CONRAD Quicker Mechanical Splice is cost effective, and is designed for reuse and ease of installation.
  • - Requires no special tooling.
  • - Full fill Telcordia GR-326-CORE, Telcordia GR-1081-CORE, IEC 61300 specifications.
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Technical Specifications:

 Dimensions 40 x 4 x 4 mm
 Fiber Diameter  125 um
 Coating Diameter 250 / 900 um
 Insertion Loss Max < 0.3dB, Media < 0.1dB
 Reflectance > 40 dB
 Operational Temperature -40 -  +75ºC
 Storage Temperature -40 - + 80ºC
 Tensile Load (on 250 um)  Carga 300g < 0.2 dB de Cambio