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OFP, Optical Fiber Products, brings to Bitel Group its experience in telecommunications projects, highlighting its experience in fiber optic products, being pioneers since 1999. Headquarters are in Valladolid, manufacture and laboratory, with office in Madrid, we provide assessment, consultancy and material to customers in Spain and abroad.

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More than 15 years in the optical fiber world support the knowledge and experience of OFP, we are experts. Our commitment and dedication let us anticipate to our customer's demands, analyzing nowadays needs and with a future viewpoint.

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Your challenge is our goal. OFP is a leading group of highly qualified engineers that design and accomplish any Project, always with high standards of quality and demand. Do not hesitate to entrust your objetive.

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OFP is on the edge in Research and Develpment of new products relatid to optical fiber, according to our clients needs, saving time and unnecessary efforts so letting them concentrate in their business.

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Quality and environment certified company, complying with ISO-9001:2008 and ISO-14001:2007

OFP was created in 1999; OFP brings to Bitel group its experience in fibre optic products. It is characterized as a pioneer in research and development of new products related to fibre optics.

Its main activity focuses on the production of cables, equipment, fibre optic components, standard products and customized products to provide global solutions to the cleaver customers.

OFP develops all equipments and elements needed to launch any project in fibre optics and telecommunications.

Fiber Optic Cables
Connectors & Accessories
Enclosures, cabinets and boxes
Test and installation equipments
R&D in contact with the customer to offer customized products for each project
Network deployment and engineering

The company has the most modern facilities to cover all processes to the final customer. Plants, laboratories, test and installation equipments, quality certifications.

Plant: 750 m²

Capacity of assembling: 105,000 to 75,000 u / month.
Capacity for integration: 36,000 u / month.
Engineering: parts and tools developed inside the company.

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